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Last year,
we asked the winners of each category to answer the following
questions. We hope their answers will give you some further motivation
and help you push through these final weeks! Remember, you can
always contact Leave The Pack Behind if you need more support.
Call ext. 4992 or visit our Peer Support in Health Services Tuesday’s
6-7pm or Wednesday’s 11am-12pm.

Jordan: Winner, ‘Quit For Good’
David: Winner, ‘Quit For Good’
Daniela: Winner, ‘Keep The Count’
Nicole: Winner, ‘Keep The Count’

Shannon: Winner, ‘Party Without The
Stephanie: Winner, ‘Party Without The Pack’

1. Why did you enter the contest?
Jordan: “To quit smoking, to save
money, and for my health”
David: “For motivation to help me quit”

Stephanie: “For the money and because
I’m lucky!!!”
2. What kept you motivated?
Jordan: “My friends and family,
and I almost won last year, so I was determined to do it again!”
David: “Myself and my parents. I wanted to quit”

Nicole: “The money!!”
Stephanie: “I didn’t drink
as much”
3. How did you cope with withdrawal?
Jordan: “Chewing gum, doing other
activities, and drinking water”
David: “I didn’t suffer from bad withdrawal. I found
it easier to quit this time”

Daniela: “I slept a lot!”
Stephanie: “I didn’t have
much of an urge because I wasn’t drinking”
4. What did you do in social situations (i.e. at the bar?)
Jordan: “I tried to avoid the bar”
David: “Chewed gum and peeled off beer labels”

Shannon: “When my friends smoked,
I’d just leave”
5. How did Leave The Pack Behind staff help you?
David: “With their calls to me
and if I saw people (staff) in the halls they would support

Daniela: “Their calls. They were
very motivating”

Shannon: “With their follow-up
calls and CO [carbon monoxide] tests”
6. What recommendations would you make for the contest next
David: “More prize money!”
Daniela: “Pizza instead!”
Nicole: “More winners”
Shannon: “I love the media stuff
– more of that!”

If you would like to share your testimonial with us, answer all
6 questions and send them in to us at [email protected]

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