Quitting 101

Want to quit smoking?

Set a quit day
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Prepare to handle withdrawal, to control cravings and to resist temptations to smoke
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Choose your way to quit
What to expect when quitting

Within a few days, you may notice that it’s easier to breathe and your sense of taste improves! Your risk of heart disease and cancer will start to decrease significantly.

Withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be strong and unpleasant, especially during the first few days. Hang in there! These are only temporary and will pass with time.

Nicotine suppresses your appetite. Without nicotine, hunger pangs may be stronger.

Your metabolism may slow down a little; exercise and a sensible diet will help keep any unwanted weight off.

Tips for success

Drink water - lots of it! Have healthy snacks available when hunger pangs strike.

Change your routines and keep busy

Plan how to deal with places and people that may trigger you to smoke

Count on friends and family - announcing plans to quit is a proven strategy for successful quitting

List and post your reasons for quitting - then read & re-read these!

You might not quit the first time you try, so keep trying! Figure out what made you slip up, and how to deal with it next time. Leave The Pack Behind offers a number of resources that can help.
Find what works for you!

Free Nicotine Patches & Gum

8 weeks of free nicotine patches & gum shipped directly to your door (while supplies last)

Quit Smoking Booklets

These mini-booklets are evidence-based. They work!


SMOKE is for smokers who don't want to quit right now. It has tips for dealing with people who nag you to quit & info about smoking that really matters to young adults in post-secondary school!



QUIT is for smokers who are thinking of quitting, or are ready to quit. It offers info about quitting, and strategies that help you deal with nicotine withdrawal & cravings, the stress of being a student, and everyday temptations!



Hey, Something's Different is for any smoker, whether you are thinking about quitting, or aren’t ready to quit right now. This book offers info about how to handle withdrawal, control cravings, & provides strategies to help prepare you for the stress of everyday life that can make you start smoking again!



U Know U Want 2... Help a friend quit. Give this book to a friend or family member to let them know how to best support you. It explains all the things you experience when quitting smoking, and tells your friend how they can help you get through any rough spots.



The January contest

Quit, reduce, or stay smoke-free for a chance to win up to $2,500 and other great prizes! The contest has been proven to increase your odds of becoming smoke-free!

The 2016 wouldurather… contest winners have been announced!! Check out their stories and hear all about how they succeeded. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated! See you all next year for the 2017 contest!

2017 registration opens in:

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Avoid smoking. Get active. Manage your stress.

QUITRUNCHILL offers info about quitting, running & managing stress. It gives down-to-earth ideas for being healthier.

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Other Resources

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