HHC Drug Test: Will HHC Show Up On Drug Test?

Years ago, when HHC first hit the scene as a promising cannabinoid, there was a fair amount of confusion about its effects, benefits, and potency. However, now that people are becoming more familiar with it and understanding how it works, the question is moving from what HCC truly is to questions like, “Will HHC show up on drug tests?”

If the above question shows anything, it is the fact that HHC is becoming more popular in the United States and elsewhere. Like most other legal marijuana, HHC had become a household name among teens and young adults. One study showed that 11% of kids born before 2000 had used marijuana extracts like this one in the last few years. But what happens when you’re due for a drug test? Does HHC show up on drug tests? Here’s an article that explains everything you should know, including strategies such as Toxin Rid pills or Detoxify Mega Clean for those seeking to pass a drug test.


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What is HHC and How Does it Work?

HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, is a hemp-derived cannabinoid with elevating properties similar to THC delta 9, although at a slightly lower strength. We get asked regularly, “Does HHC contain THC since they sound similar?” The answer is yes! HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC. The best way to explain this is as the process that converts vegetable oil to margarine. The hydrogenation process involves introducing hydrogen atoms to THC’s chemical structure for stabilization. Producers use an advanced method involving hydrogen atoms for THC saturation under intense pressure to obtain a usable amount of HHC.

The process breaks THC’s chemical structure (double bond), replacing it with a good concentration of hydrogen. However, the cannabinoid’s potency and effects remain largely unaltered.

As a cannabinoid, HHC has a similar working process as other natural cannabinoids. So it’ll interact with and stimulate cannabinoid receptors to elicit its highness and other wellness benefits.

When it enters the body, HHC functions similarly to delta-9. It interacts with and influences the ECS (endocannabinoid system) network, which comprises endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors. The main job of the ECS is to maintain balance and homeostasis in the body’s various functions.

In this context, the CB1 in the brain serves as the most important part of the ECS network. Like THC, HHC knows these receptors and can selectively target them to cause elevating effects and provide other benefits like sound sleep and general wellness.

It’s important to note that certain detox products like Toxin Rid pills or Detoxify Mega Clean are often marketed to help individuals pass drug tests by eliminating traces of substances like THC, but their efficacy may vary, and users should exercise caution and follow instructions carefully.

Now that we’re clear on what HHC is, we can answer the question, “Will HHC show up on a drug test?”

HHC drug test

Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

One question that often pops up during drug discussions is, “Does HHC show up in a drug test?” The short and simple answer to this question is yes.

But there’s more to the question than an easy yes or no.

The first thing to understand is that most drug tests are designed to check for THC and not HHC. However, since both compounds are very similar, as explained above, there’s a significant chance that the presence of HHC in your body will trigger positive chemical test results because drug tests can’t differentiate between both products. Many people call the result a fake positive. In situations like these, individuals may explore detox options like Toxin Rid pills or Detoxify Mega Clean to help flush out substances and increase the likelihood of passing a drug test.

There are so many similarities between HHC and THC, including structures and metabolites. Since these are the primary markers that lab technicians use to detect THC in urine samples, saliva, and blood, you can expect that HHC will show up in a drug test. Notwithstanding, there are a few differentiating factors between THC and HHC in drug tests that you should know:

HHC THC Comparison Chart 

Features HHC THC
Duration 12 hours A few hours
Strength 80% 100%
Natural or Synthetic Natural (Synthetic version exists) Natural
Failed drug test Yes Yes
Effects Similar to delta 9 THC 300% stronger than Deta 9.

Metabolism of HHC: What You Need to Know

Drug tests are designed to search for metabolites, a substance that remains after our bodies break down food and other compounds. Since these compounds remain in the body long after foods and other compounds have been digested, it’s normal to wonder how they’ll influence an HHC drug test.

There’s still very limited research on HHC and how its metabolites react to drug tests, so most experts judge based on available research relating to similar cannabinoids. Considering the foregoing, it’s not strange to assume that our livers will break HHC down in almost the same manner as it’ll do to THC.

While reviewing some of the popular THC extracts, we found that the primary metabolite that remains in the body after consuming Delta 9 THC is THC-COOH or 11-hydroxy-THC. Available evidence suggests HHC’s metabolites be incredibly similar.

Since drug tests are specifically designed to detect these metabolites, it’s unsurprising that HHC consumption will cause you to fail a drug test.


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Factors affecting the speed of HHC clearance from the system

  • Dosage: like THC and other cannabis extracts, the amount of HHC consumed can greatly impact the time it stays in our system. This means a longer stay period for higher doses.
  • Consumption method: the consumption method can also influence how quickly HHC absorbs and leaves the body. Although inhalation has a faster onset, it also doesn’t last as long as other methods, like edibles in the bloodstream.
  • Metabolism: different people have different metabolism rates, which can influence how quickly the body processes and eliminates HHC. So different people will naturally react differently to different testing methods
  • Body composition: factors like body fat percentage, weight, and overall wellness can influence HHC’s duration in your system. A higher body fat percentage often means longer retention of HHC.

    Understanding the Link Between HHC and Positive Drug Tests

    Most times, when people ask questions like “Is HHC weed?” They’re trying to understand why HHC would cause you to fail a drug test. There are so many reasons why HHC can cause a failed drug test. However, the two most common reasons are:

    1. The production of similar metabolites to THC

    As discussed earlier, the body system typically metabolizes HHC, almost like THC. We arrived at this conclusion after reviewing the structure and nearly identical effects of HHC with THCs like delta 8 and 9.

    It’s important also to note that no clear scientific evidence points to these similarities. However, many people have testified to failing drug tests after using HHC.

    1. Some HHC products actually contain THC

    We’ve observed situations where HHC products contain minimal THC levels. Some brands deliberately combine various blends of cannabinoid extracts in a single product to achieve distinct effects. Nevertheless, these brands typically furnish certificates of analysis for such products, revealing the list of cannabinoids and their concentrations. To ensure quality assurance, it is advisable to purchase HHC products exclusively from well-known and reputable brands.

    For individuals aiming to pass a drug test, it is essential to be aware that specific HHC products may yield positive results due to the production of metabolites resembling THC or the presence of THC itself. Considering detox solutions such as Toxin Rid pills or Detoxify Mega Clean may be a wise choice for those seeking to minimize such potential outcomes.

    How Long Does HHC Stay in the System

    As you’ve seen so far, different factors can affect or influence the length of time HHC, THC, and other cannabinoids will stay in your body. Some of these factors include:

    • Usage frequency
    • Consumption amount
    • Consumption method
    • Metabolism
    • Personal sensitivity.

    However, there’s still so much to be researched concerning the length of time HHC stays in your system. Notwithstanding, since it is created from delta-9 THC, some estimations can be made based on the average time it takes delta-9 THC to metabolize. HHC can remain in an individual’s system between a week to thirty days, depending on the abovementioned factors. Here’s a table that shows the average expected length of HHC staying time-based on the consumption method.

    Consumption method Average HHC staying time
    Ingesting in the form of CBD gummies Up to two weeks
    Inhaling About one week
    HHC oil About 85 hours

    HHC Drug Test: Can You Pass with HHC in Your System

    The truth remains that most information about HHC and its performance in drug tests comes from a handful of animal studies and anecdotal stories from past users. This is why there’s still no clear answer to the question, “Will HHC make you fail a drug test?” Opinions are divided. While some people still believe that HHC cannot cause a failed drug test. Others report that they’ve tested positive for drug use after using HHC.

    The only guaranteed way to pass a drug test is to abstain from HHC and other THC products weeks before your scheduled test. Heavy consumers may need more than a few weeks of abstinence before their scheduled test. However, apart from total abstinence, there are still other methods you can adopt to pass a standard HHC drug test:

    • Use of detox supplements like Toxin Rid Pill

    Toxin Rid is one of the most trusted ways to pass a urine drug test. These supplements are top-notch products with proven records. The product is designed to support different detox programs for people who want to pass drug tests. It works by removing toxins from the body at the cellular level and flushing out harmful substances that can interfere with your test results. It is great for light and heavy vapers. It is also an excellent option if you prefer CBD oil.

    • Synthetic Urine

    Another popular backup plan that can be used to pass a THC urine drug test is the use of synthetic urine. This is an excellent option if you’re sure about the test method. It is widely available in liquid and powdered forms, like TestClear Powdered Human Urine, and is designed to mimic real urine. The kit usually includes bottles of fake urine, heating pads, and other components to help you move the urine into the lab unnoticed.

    Other options include

    • Use of detox shampoo
    • Home remedies like exercising, sauna, drinking water, etc.
    • Detox mouthwash.

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    Tips for Passing Your Drug Test

    In addition to all the methods we’ve explained above, there are other strategies that can help prepare you better for a smooth drug testing experience. Some of these strategies are better tried before your drug test, while others are applicable on the day of the test.

    • If you’re due for a urine test, ensure that you drink enough water before the test date so that you can give a proper urine sample. However, don’t overdrink, as too much water may lead to a false positive result.
    • You can also add one or two glasses of fluids like juice or milk to your diet for adequate hydration. You don’t have to change your diet or fast for a drug test before or during the test.
    • Also, inform the lab technicians of any medications or supplements you’re taking. Some supplements may impact your test results, so it makes sense to tell them beforehand if there’s anything to worry about.
    • Exercising hard enough to sweat can help you burn out most of the fat where THC can be stored. However, we recommend this strategy as an additional strategy to one or more of the other strategies already reviewed in this article.
    • Ensure to reduce your cannabis usage frequency to the barest minimum. Stop totally, if you can, at least a week or two before your test.

    If you’re unsure what to expect in a standard drug test or are worried about going through the process, contact your doctor. There’s nothing to be scared about when seeing a doctor. Doctors are typically trained to not disclose your secrets to third parties. Instead, they’ll offer advice and the right recommendations where possible on what to do and the right steps to take as you look to pass a THC urine drug test.

    Learn More About HHC Drug Screens 

    One of the first questions that come to mind when you think about HHC is, “Will HHC make you fail a drug test?” As we’ve seen so far, studies on this topic are still limited. However, early evidence already shows that passing a drug test is possible if you play your cards well. Also note that it’s possible to have a passed home drug test and a failed lab test, depending on many factors.

    Again, we recommend seeking additional information about HHC drug screening methods before going for a drug test. You can talk to experts about your personal needs and how to manoeuvre them. There are also tons of other materials available online to answer different questions. Find the ones that suit your needs and read them thoroughly.

    FAQs On Will HHC Show Up On Drug Test

    1. Can you pass a drug test in 2 weeks?

    One of the most random questions vapers ask these days is how long you can stay after your last vaping session before taking a drug test. The answer is- it depends. Depending on many factors, HHC stays in the system between 2 weeks and one month. So, one person can test negative after two weeks, while another test positive. Refer to the HHC metabolism section above to discover factors that can cause these THC HHC time discrepancies. For individuals looking to expedite the detox process, products like Toxin Rid pills or Detoxify Mega Clean are often considered.

    2. Can you pass a Drug Test using HHC?

    Indeed, some people have been lucky to pass drug tests after using HHC. Still, it can be difficult to get accurate results after using HHC. So we advise against switching to HHC from THC when you want to pass a drug test.

    3. Do cannabis kits work for HHC? 

    There is available evidence that cannabis detox kits can work for the removal of HHC traces from the system. But it’s important to also consider the skepticism surrounding these products. First, most of them are pretty expensive and somewhat hard to use. If you do not feel confident about shelling out so much money to buy them, we recommend sticking with the home remedies mentioned in this article.

    4. Does HHC come up in a normal blood test?

    Blood tests are not designed to detect HHC or any cannabis metabolites in your system. So, the answer to the above question is no, although more research is ongoing on this topic. A doctor may offer you a quick view of the depths a normal blood test can go before the process.

    HHC Drug Test: Will HHC Show Up On Drug Test?
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