Dear Sharon

I want to help my boyfriend quit (and he wants to too) but all the advice we

can find seems to be for people who smoke a lot… November 2005

What do I do if my grandmother smokes but she will not stop no matter how much I tell

her, and my grandpa died I don’t want her to die too! She’s been smoking for 39 years. March 2005

I‘ve smoked since the age of 10 , I’m 47 now,after 37 year’s of smoking is it going to matter if I quit? March 2005

I smoke and I’m only

14 now I know thats wrong but I tried it and now I cant

stop. February 2005

…but the only problem

is when I quit Im scared that I will gain weight. February


How can I help my Mom quit?. January 2005

…Our whole family

told her to stop smoking while she was pregnant. January


My dad is a smoker can you help

him? He has been smoking for 19 to 20 years. December 2004

I have a known issue with panic

attacks, and I recently tried to quit smoking.

December 2004


stressed, exams are coming up but I want to quit. November


I just saw an interview

on Global TV with a smoking ‘advocate.’ October


My problem is that

all of my friends and family smoke, so I am constantly

around it…

October 2004

I have been smoking

on and off since i was a teenager… September 2004

I am a smoker and have been

for several years. The only thing that really made me quit

was being pregnant… May 2004

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I have noticed the

increasing number of smokers, especially outside of the… April


Could you please find out which company that

makes the suckers to help replace the habit I have with nicotine…

March 2004

I am going through a lot of stress

with my relationship and school. Normally I would hurt myself

by smoking through stress. How can I effectively replace… February


Smoking has been a part of my

life since grade eight. Many of the daily things I do invole

smoking… December 2003

I have tried to quit smoking so

many times away at school but I cant because my roommates

smoke… November 2003

I‘m having trouble quitting. Especially in the campus pubs.

What should I do? Help me… September 2003

Dear Sharon
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