Fake Urine Holder: Everything You Should to Know

Although cannabis usage has remained a contentious issue on both the social and political stage, its popularity has continued to skyrocket. Thanks to this, more organizations are prohibiting the use of cannabis among their staff. Сompanies monitor staff drug usage by organising occasional drug tests, where failure can lead to disciplinary actions like suspension or […]

The Urinator Unveiled – A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to the world of “The Urinator”! If you’re someone facing a looming drug test, and you’ve heard whispers about a potential savior, you’re in the right place. The Urinator is a discreet solution designed to tackle surprise drug tests, maintaining synthetic urine at body temperature. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s set the […]

Comprehensive Overview of Planet K Fake Urine

In a world where drug testing is a common practice, especially in fields like transportation (think truck drivers) and pre-employment screenings, the use of synthetic urine has become a hot topic. In the United States, agencies like the Department of Transportation (DOT) and many employers conduct urine drug tests as a standard procedure. These tests […]

HHC Drug Test: Will HHC Show Up On Drug Test?

Years ago, when HHC first hit the scene as a promising cannabinoid, there was a fair amount of confusion about its effects, benefits, and potency. However, now that people are becoming more familiar with it and understanding how it works, the question is moving from what HCC truly is to questions like, “Will HHC show […]

Where we are on campus:

Where we are on campus: See our colorful displays on campus, or contact us through your Health Centre: Summer Hours (Starting May 1/03) Campus Phone # Hours Welland campus (905) 735-2211 ext. 7635 Mon., Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:30 – 4:30 Glendale campus (905) 641-2252 ext. 4449 Wed. 8:30 – 4:30 MMC campus Closed All Summer […]

Residence “New” Smoking Policy

Residence “New” Smoking Policy 2.33 Smoking Is only permitted by those students who have met the age requirements outlined by the Government of Ontario. Consumption of tobacco Inside the Residence is only permitted in such place designated by the Manager and the College. Student Residents and/or their visitors in violation of this policy will have […]

CESSER POUR DE BON! Let’s Make A Deal!

CESSER POUR DE BON!     Let’s Make A Deal!(click here) Date d’ouverture : le vendredi 17 janvier 2003 Date de clôture : selon ce qu’en décidera CSF, jusqu’à concurrence de 8½ semaines plus tard   Pour être admissible au concours CESSER POUR DE BON!, vous devez être un fumeur régulier. Exception : Si vous avez cessé […]


On-Campus: Student Health Services – x58701 The Wellness Centre – x53327 Marlene Pfaff, Wellness Educator – x56150 Counselling and Student Resource Centre – x53244 Women’s Resource Centre – x58554 Student to Student Support Services (Raithby) – after hours drop-in, 6 pm-12 am weekly   Off-Campus: Guelph Community Health Centre – 821-5363 Guelph General Hospital – […]

Interesting Stuff

Interesting Stuff What we do on campus, Smoking in student housing, Facts about Hookah use, Facts about Smokeless Tobacco, Facts about Marijuana use, Smoking and the Environment, Smoking and Oral Health, I want to Quit! Help me! Latest News 09.09.2010 Meet your LTPB Crew Come and meet your Leave The Pack Behind team at the […]

Things to do in Niagara

Things to do in Niagara Brock LTPB Home                 Off Campus Niagara was at once stamped upon my heart, an Image of Beauty; to remain there, changeless and indelible, until its pulses cease to beat, forever.” – Charles Dickens,on his visit to Niagara Falls in 1841 CHECK OUT […]

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