LTPB McMaster – Our 2009 LTPB Team

Our 2009 LTPB Team

2009 LTPB Team


Staff and Volunteers

Campus Program Coordinator (CPC)

Sharon Suman
(Commerce, 4th year)

Team Leader (TL)

Jeanyan Kung
(Honours Kinesiology and Art History minor, 4th year)

Web Specialist

Darren McClure
(Combined Honours Multimedia and Communication Studies, 3rd year)



  • Kat   (Biochemistry, 4th year)
  • Kirat   (Honours Life Science, 4th year)
  • Sarah   (Nursing, 4th year)
  • Alex   (Honours Biology, 4th year)
  • Natasha    (Honours Life Science, 3rd year)
  • Sharon   (Honours Biology, 3rd year)
  • Bianca   (Honours Biology, 4th year)
  • Nisha   (Commerce, 1st year)
  • Katherine   (Honours Health Sciences, 3rd year)
  • Raina   (Honours Physics, 2nd year)
  • Mandy   (Honours Kinesiology, 4th year)
  • Veena   (Honours Biology, 2nd year)
  • Preet   (Honours Life Science, 4th year)

LTPB McMaster – Our 2009 LTPB Team
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