LTPB Research

Leave The Pack Behind Research

All of the social marketing campaign activities, and programs and services that comprise Leave The Pack Behind are based on evidence of their effectiveness. Some of this evidence is derived from the scientific literature; however, because so much of that research focuses on adolescents or older adults (to the exclusion of young adults), ongoing, systematic program evaluation and research are central components of LTPB.

Evaluation conducted over the past few years at participating institutions provides evidence of the appeal and effectiveness of LTPB. Detailed information is available in the annual reports.

Here are a few examples of evaluation and research conducted by LTPB researchers:

  • Study of Young Adults’ Use of Nicotine Patches and Gum

    Researchers are evaluating young adult smokers’ attitudes and behaviours related to online ordering of nicotine patch/gum and subsequent use of nicotine patches or gum.

  • Every year, researchers evaluate the smoking cessation contest, wouldurather… to determine the population reach and to determine which contestant recruitment channels are effective.

Results of the evaluation and research projects are shared with key stakeholders and at many scholarly venues (e.g., journals and conferences). For more information on the research presented at conferences, please see the Research Summary Reports

LTPB Research
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