Light + Mild Cigarettes…

Think that light cigarettes are healthier for you?

1.5 million smokers do not believe
that “light” cigarettes
are as harmful as regular cigarettes.

Because cigarette smoking is addictive, many smokers have great difficulty
quitting, even though they know that smoking is harmful to their health.
Some smokers try to get on the road to quitting by cutting back and switching
to brands of cigarettes that are labeled “light” or “mild”…

If you are one of those smokers who have chosen a brand labeled “light” or “mild” with
the belief that the smoke from these cigarettes is healthier… you
are mistaken! (Sorry!)

Almost all smokers consciously or unconsciously
adjust their ways of smoking when they smoke light cigarettes. They
inhale deeper and longer, or cover the filter ventilation holes (you
know you’ve
done it!) to ensure that they inhale enough nicotine to achieve a satisfactory “hit”.

you don’t know is that by achieving this intake of nicotine,
you are also inhaling more tar and other carcinogens. (there are over
4000 of them in your cigarette!)




How does your brand rate?

Regular size du Maurier “light”, “extra light” and “ultra
light” can all deliver about the same amount of nicotine

Export A “light” and “special light” deliver
exactly the same levels of listed toxic emissions

Nicotine delivery for all six Player’s brands is just about the

Craven A regular-size “full-strength” and “light” brands
can deliver exactly the same amount of all six listed toxic ingredients.

Where do you stand on ‘Light’ and ‘Mild’ cigarettes?

  • are you 1 out of the 1.5 million Canadian smokers who believe
    that “light” cigarettes
    are less harmful than regular cigarettes
  • are you 1 out of the
    800,000 Canadians who do not believe that “light” cigarettes
    are as addictive as regular cigarettes
  • are you 1 out of the
    47% of Canadian smokers who believe that “light” means
    lower in tar, nicotine or carbon monoxide
  • are you 1 out of the
    39% of Canadian smokers who switched to a “light” cigarette
    for health reasons

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous statements…


To find out more about Light & Mild cigarettes visit
your campus
Leave The Pack Behind team!


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Light + Mild Cigarettes…
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