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Who are We?

Leave The Pack Behind is a comprehensive, tobacco control initiative for you – the students at UTSC. Our team is made up of your fellow undergraduate students that act as Peer Educators to spread our message and provide information about tobacco related topics. Our program is currently at 43 other universities and colleges throughout Ontario funded by the Ministry of Health Promotion. We, at LTPB recognize that quitting smoking is hard and that the decision to continue or discontinue smoking is a personal decision. Hence the reason why we are NOT an anti-smoking campaign! We are not here to judge you or impose our choices on you. Rather, we are here to provide information on smoking and tobacco related issues.

LTPB’s activities include the following:

  • Promote smoking cessation among occasional and regular smokers (without any pressure to quit!)
  • Support ex-smokers to stay smoke free
  • Protect non-smokers from second hand smoke
  • Support students in their efforts not to smoke

By providing students with the facts on tobacco and a perspective on tobacco related issues, we hope to help students make informed positive choices. Medical support for smoking cessation is also available from the clinic at the Health and Wellness Centre

Who do we want to reach?

Everyone! Just about everyone!

  • Smokers who don’t want to quit
  • Smokers who do want to quit
  • Smokers who want to reduce smoking
  • Ex-smokers to who want to stay smoke free
  • Non-smokers

What do we offer?

  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Peer education through walkabouts, workshops and display booths
  • Social support (Email us [email protected])
  • “Survival Kits” for quitting
  • Info on quitting/helping someone to quit
  • Spreading tobacco awareness
  • Information on smoking cessation strategies
  • FREE stuff every time you talk to us at a booth, walkabout or a workshop
  • A fun contest where you win fabulous prizes

Leave The Pack Behind
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