Calling all social smokers, regular smokers, ex-smokers, non-smokers, second-hand smokers and friends of smokers!

Leave The Pack Behind is an open minded, campus program about tobacco and smoking.

It provides college students with information about:

  • tobacco
  • cigarette smoking
  • the tobacco industry
  • second- and third-hand smoke
  • hookahs or waterpipe-smoking
If you smoke – even just a bit – Leave The Pack Behind can offer you:

  • ways to deal with people who nag you to quit smoking
  • Smoke|Quit booklets – for smokers who do & don’t want to quit
  • free Nicorette samples and info about other types of quitting aides
  • the chance to talk about smoking in a non-judgemental environment
  • ways to make a personal quit plan if you do decide to quit smoking

And friends of smokers can pick up LTPB’s: “u know u want 2… help a friend quit” booklet

For resources (& more!), visit our campus clinic

Quit Your Way...

Thinking about Quitting?
Trying to Quit?

It’s a personal choice to smoke or quit and when you choose to quit, you plan to do it your way. Leave The Pack Behind gets that.

Click here for non-judgemental info on ways to quit and choose…

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