Kelli-an Lawrance

Kelli-an Lawrance PhD

Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences Department, Brock University & Principal
Investigator LTPB

Ph.D. psychology, University of New Brunswick

Dr. Kelli-an Lawrance is
an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences
at a small liberal arts university in Ontario,
Canada. Dr. Lawrance has been involved in tobacco control research
and advocacy for the past decade. She is co-author of a self-help smoking
cessation program that is distributed nationally by the Canadian
Cancer Society. As well, she is a co-investigator with the Ontario Tobacco
Unit, whose mandate is to undertake a program of research, development
and dissemination of knowledge about effective tobacco control programs
and policies. Her research addresses smoking cessation preferences,
norms, and behaviours of teens and young adults.

As one of the Co-directors
of Leave The Pack Behind, Kelli-an designs and implements research
protocols to evaluate the reach and effectiveness of
key components of the initiative.

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Last updated: August 8, 2007

Kelli-an Lawrance
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