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Immanuel Aug. 20/04, 8:12 pm Student : Display Table
God loves you very much. He sent his only son Jesus Christ to die for your sins. He doesn’t care what you have done. He came not to condemn you, but to set you free from bondage. For those who are in Christ are a new creation and the old has pa**ed away, and the bondage of sin is broken. Call 1888Needhim.

Carol May. 06/04, 3:48 pm Other : Other
Found this site during a Google search. I am trying to find out what the temperature of cigarette smoke is as it is inhaled by a smoker. I’d appreciate it if you’d get back to me if you have such information.

Sharon Apr. 02/04, 2:19 pm Health Professional : Other
Just like to congratualte the team on your web site. It has really come together and looks great!

LTPB Feb. 04/04, 4:49 pm Student : Display Table
Our e-mail address is: [email protected]

LTPB Feb. 04/04, 4:46 pm Student : Display Table
Hi Christine,

We don’t know how to contact you, so if you would still like more information, please e-mail us to set up an appointment or to find out when our next booth is.

Thanks, the Guelph LTPB team!

Christine Vulgar Jan. 17/04, 11:35 am Student : I just found it!!
I just found it! I am vulgar! I like Guelph and t leave the pack behind crew! E-mail me because I would love to join and I think that this organization is incredible. Can we have daily meetings? It is that important you know….
Get back to me as soon as possible crew

LTPB Team! Oct. 08/03, 2:39 pm Health Professional : Word of Mouth
Welcome to your campus guestbook! All of the campuses have their own guestbook :). Tell us what you think!!

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