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Campus Smoking Policies


Let’s Make A Deal!

A contest sponsored by the
Leave The Pack Behind project
and a chance for SMOKERS and NON-SMOKERS to win great prizes!



Congratulations ‘Let’s Make A Deal’
Contest Winners!

Quit For Good

1. $250 cash, Calender – Mauricio

2. Titles certificate, $100 cash – Jean-Francois

3. McDonals Meal for a year, Key Chain, Calender, $50
dollars – Melanie Langman
4. Weils Certificate, Wine Caddie, Ivor Wynne Certificate
($50 dollars)

Keep The Count

1. $100 cash, Calender – Kunal Desai
2. Snooty Certificate ($20) and Albert Snow Hair cut and

Party Without The Pack

1. $100 cash, Calender – Jen Vincent
2. Westdale Florist ($25), Baskin Robbins Coupon

Don’t Start and Win

1. $50 McMaster Sports Certificate, Calender – Meghan

2. Sandwich Maker, $10 dollar William Certificates –
Leena Kirami
3. McDonalds for a year – Dave Bartlett
4. Book, Famous Players tickets (2) – Matthew

Buddy and Witness

1. Facial, CD and photo album – Margaret Lomotan
2. Sportsmart Certificates, Barn Certificate, Roots Calender
Christie O’Meara
3. Shirt, and Tim Hortons Certificate – Michael

4. $10 dollar Williams Certificate and Mug – Melissa

Thank You to everyone who entered LTPBs 2004
‘Let’s Make A Deal’ contest.


Here is what some of our LTPB Contest participants
had to say…

“It wasn’t hard, I just needed a reason”
– Kenika

“Thank you for allowing me to participate
in such a great contest! It actually got me to quit smoking!”
– Jen, Party without the Pack winner

“I told him if he ever lit up I’d light
him up! – Michael a buddy (1st year Engineering) to Quit
for Good participant Mauricio.

“I entered the contest because it was about
time to quit. If not now, then when?”
“I’m going to spend my prize money on myself as a reward.”
– Mauricio, Quit for Good winner -1st year Commerce.

“The food, prizes and nice people at Leave
the Pack Behind helped me not to start smoking. I also learned
how evil tobacco companies are!” – Matt, Don’t
Start and Win winner, 2nd year English

“It wasn’t too hard to not start smoking.
A lot of my friends don’t do it…I don’t think I’d
ever start.” – Leena, 1st year Science

“It was a good time to do the contest because
it was freezing cold outside! I will definitely stay smoke-free.
It stinks!” – Melanie, Quit for Good, 3rd Place winner.
– 4th Year Psychology and French major.

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