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Jen May. 03/04, 8:33 pm Student : Display Table
I just picked up my gift certificate for Timmy’s, and I’ve quit smoking. :D

anonymous Mar. 09/04, 10:44 pm Student : Word of Mouth
although i broke my promise for the contest (ie. i started smoking again), i’d like to thank those people who called me – and were very helpful. tahnks alot!

tom Feb. 24/04, 12:10 am Student : I just found it!!
i am not afraid to admit i was addicted. thank you alexis for helping me face my demons. my cancer is in remission and the birds are singing.

mac student Feb. 15/04, 2:44 pm Student : Display Table
You guys are awesome! I signed up for your contest and it was a great incentive to quit! There should be more groups like you guys!

Randy Oct. 30/03, 2:35 pm Other : Friends
Hello McMaster LTPB. Thanks for all your info… Im a staffer at Mac, and appreciate all your hard work!

LTPB Team! Oct. 08/03, 2:39 pm Health Professional : Word of Mouth
Welcome to your campus guestbook! All of the campuses have their own guestbook :). Tell us what you think!!

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