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What is Leave the Pack Behind?


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What is Leave The Pack Behind??

Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) is a project funded in part by Health Canada the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to provide information about smoking and appropriate support to post-secondary students at Ontario’s university and college campuses.

LTPB is a peer-to-peer project supported by college and university faculty and administers, Student Health Services, and student governments, as well as Public Health Departments across southern, central, and eastern Ontario. The project is administered through Brock University, with 12 participating university and college campuses across Ontario.


What can Leave The Pack Behind do for me?

The University of Ottawa team consists of a Campus Program Coordinator, two Peer Support staff, and four Communication staff members. Remember – we are here for you!

Leave The Pack Behind offers the following:

  • Information : display booths in the UniCentre and around both the main and Health Science campus, Health Promotion’s resource center in Room 203 of the UniCentre, advertisements in the university’s two newspapers, radio advertisements, class announcements, poster and pamphlet distribution, residence presentations, and of course Leave The Pack Behind’s website!

  • Free carbon monoxide level testing.

  • Individual, confidential peer-to-peer support offered by our Peer Support staff. Available during the drop-in hours or by appointment.

  • Referrals to campus health care professionals.

  • The chance to win great prizes with our Let’s Make a Deal! Contest in January.

Leave the Pack Behind??
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