2002 “Let’s Make a Deal!” Winners…


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Winner for
Quit For Good
$500 Quit and Win

“Leave The Pack Behind” has been a fun and challenging
experience. I have tried to quit smoking many times but
always seemed to go back. This program was a very good
incentive for me to quit and I’m hoping, this time, it
will be for good. I would like to thank my family and friends
for all the support and thank the staff of “Leave
The Pack Behind.”


Lori – Buddy winner, and her sister
Cara – runner up for Quit For Good

“The “Leave The Pack Behind” contest really
gave me a wonderful incentive to quit. It helped me to
quit cold-turkey, which was difficult, but the idea of
disappointing the people from the contest and everyone
else who knew I quit was huge reason not to smoke. Although
I did not win the contest, it made me proud to be one of
the finalists and be recognized for my accomplishments.” (Cara)


Nour – Winner of Party Without The Pack
with John – Buddy winner


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the 2001 Let’s Make A Deal Contest!

2002 “Let’s Make a Deal!” Winners…
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