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Welcome to the Leave The Pack Behind website
at Queen’s University. We are currently in our fourth successful
year and still going strong.

Leave The Pack Behind is a program to encourage
Queen’s students to start thinking about smoking.

We are trying to reach:

1. Smokers who enjoy smoking and do not want
to quit
2. Smokers who may be thinking about quitting
3. Smokers who have stopped smoking and need support
4. Non-smokers who want more info about tobacco and its effects

What Do We Offer?

  • Carbon Monoxide testing
  • Peer counseling for smokers
  • Pamphlets for those that do or don’t want
    to quit
  • Information on effective smoking cessation
    strategies including pharmacological aids
  • Survival kits for those trying to stop smoking
  • Free stuff for those that visit our booth
  • Contests where quitting, cutting back or
    not starting smoking can win cash and other prizes!

What’s Happening Right Now?

1. LTPB is recruiting smokers for a province
wide research project to assess the quality and efficacy of self
help materials.

2.  This November LTPB met for the first
time with the University Council on Substance Abuse Prevention.
Together, LTPB and the UCSAP are attempting to change smoking
legislation at Queen’s University. Specifically, our current objective
is to try and prevent tobacco companies from sponsoring events
on campus.

3. LTPB is currently preparing for our HUGE
smoking cessation contest starting in January. The contest is
for smokers and non-smokers alike so look for our sign ups from
January 13-15.

Martin and Dan our campus
having a chat.

Jen (peer support) and Brendan (communication
team) at our annual LTPB conference.
Melissa, one of our communication team
(in the foreground) and Tracey (in the background), our
communication team leader.

Leave the Pack Behind…
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