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Thank you Queen’s Students!

As of February 10th, 2004 we are about half
way through our “Let’s Make A Deal” contest
and participation was the highest ever on our campus.

For those of you in Quit
4 Good
, Keep the Count, or
Party without the Pack keep up the
great work…you’ve already come so far!

For those in Don’t
Start and Win
, your support in raising awareness on campus
is greatly appreciated.

Final prizes are as follows:

Quit 4 Good: $300
Keep The Count: $100
Party Without The Pack: $100
Don’t Start And Win: Gift Pack (Approx. $50 value)

The final draw for those who qualify will be
held in the Common Ground on the evening of March 8th,

In order to qualify make sure to attend all
of your CO testing and ensure that your buddy and witness report
in at the end of the contest to verify that you have quit/reduced
your smoking throughout the 6 week period.

If you have ANY questions regarding the contest
don’t hesitate to contact our campus coordinators at:

Martin Shoichet – [email protected]
Dan Johnson – [email protected]

Finally, check out some pics from contest registration
and wrap-up

Remember these faces well…they may be
handing you a check for $300!

Martin (front) and Aaron (background) busy
signing up contestants.
Queen’s team wraps up the 2004 “Let’s
make a deal contest”
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