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Thinking of quitting smoking? CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You’ve already made it past the first step – making

the decision to stop! Finding it tough? Well, here are some tips

and stress busters to help you quit!

  1. Talk to a doctor or nurse at Health Services!

  2. Talk to a Leave the Pack Behind staff member for some encouragement

    and a friendly face!

  3. Chew gum, a straw, candy, nuts, veggies, or dried fruit!

  4. Keep something in your hands such as a marble, elastic,

    note pad, or stress ball !

  5. Exercise! Hit the PAC or CIF gym, sign-up for Campus-Rec activities!

  6. Get outside!

  7. Pamper yourself! Get a massage or have a long hot bath!

  8. Take up a new hobby!

  9. Drink lots of water!

  10. Go see a movie!

  11. Read a book/magazine/newspaper!

  12. Go shopping with the money you saved from not smoking!

  13. Do you something you like to do!

  14. STAY POSITIVE!!! We’re not saying it’s going to

    be a piece of cake, but staying positive and not getting discouraged

    is going to make it that much easier. Make sure you reward

    yourself every step of the way! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

On the Road to Quitting

You have decided to quit and you have even gone smoke-free for some time, but you give in to temptation and have a cigarette or two. Don’t get discouraged!

Remember to “SCOR”!

S – Be Specific

Don’t generalize one negative situation. Realize that this is just one cigarette – don’t blow it out of proportion.

C – Challenge illogical thinking

Catch the negative comments you make about yourself. Don’t add extra stress to your life by harshly criticizing yourself, you have enough stress as it is!

O – Be Objective

Step back and think of the big picture. Remember your goal and how you are going to achieve it.

R – Reassure

Remind yourself of your achievements and accomplishments – you have decided to quit and you’re made it this far already! You CAN do it!


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Thinking of Quitting Smoking?
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