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Crystal Apr. 01/04, 8:57 pm Student : Class
This is a great program (and the website’s pretty good too!). More people need to see the negatve effects of smoking in a context like this.

Cynic Apr. 01/04, 11:05 am Student : Class
I question the credentials of Dr. Tobacco Joe, is he a medical doctor or does he have a PHD?

REc ROCKS!!:) Mar. 25/04, 8:53 pm Student : Word of Mouth
where is this hlth 102 question were supossed to get from the site?!! lol

Stafford Guy Jan. 30/04, 2:15 pm Student : I just found it!!
Yo, Waterloo! Wa**sssssup. Yeah I know that’s kinda old.

Keep up the good anti-smoking work. We all know smoking sucks, why do some people still do it?

Irish Luver Mar. 13/03, 9:17 pm Student : Display Table
im irish……kiss….me…

LTPB Team! Oct. 08/03, 2:39 pm Health Professional : Word of Mouth
Welcome to your campus guestbook! All of the campuses have their own guestbook :). Tell us what you think!!

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