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Quit Kits

For registered contestants in Quit For Good, Keep The Count and Party Without The Smoke, FREE “Quit Kits” are ready and waiting in your campus

health clinic! To get yours, simply, print your “Confirmation of Registration” email, take it your campus clinic,

and exchange it for your free Quit Kit.

For your campus clinic location & hours, visit campus health clinics.

Quit Resources

Contestants are encouraged to use whatever quit aides they think will help. For great information about quit aides and how to quit smoking, contestants can visit

Looking for more support while quitting? Try these great resources:

  • Smokers Helpline


    Free, confidential, one-to-one access to a Quit Specialist

  • Smokers Helpline Online
    Web-based, 24/7 service to help smokers quit

  • Support Groups

    Local health units can usually direct smokers to support groups in their area

    For more information, visit:

  • Nicotine replacement therapies and pharmacological aides
  • Smoking cessation counselling from a campus health professional or other support professional
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