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q 1:

Am I eligible for the contest?

You are eligible to participate in the contest if you…

  • are a full-time or part-time student at an Ontario University or College with a valid student ID number
  • have a buddy who meets ‘buddy eligibility’ requirements
  • check out contestant eligibility to see what category you are eligible for.

q 2:

How do I win?

See the contest rules for your category.

q 3:

What prizes can I win?

See the prize(s) for your category. Your campus LTPB team may also have campus specific prizes. Track them down on campus or visit their facebook page to find out what you can win!

q 4:

Can my buddy be a smoker?

Yes, your buddy can be a smoker or a non-smoker. When possible we suggest you choose a non-smoking buddy to help you as it can sometimes be difficult to be around smokers when you are quitting.

q 5:

My friend and I both want to enter the contest. Can we both enter and be each other’s buddies too?

Yes, your friend who is also a contestant in the contest can be your buddy. This is great, especially for those in Quit For Good. Research shows that quitting with a friend or family member increases your chances of success! Check it out…

q 6:

Am I allowed to use quit aids (like the patch or Champix) when I quit?

Yes! You may use quit aids to help you during the contest period. This includes Nicotine Replacement Therapy (ex. patch, gum, lozenge) or prescription medications (Zyban or Champix). To find out more, visit your Student Health Services.

q 7:

What other support is out there to help me while I quit?

Looking for more support while quitting? Try these great resources:


    A free running program for smokers

  • Smokers Helpline


    Free, confidential, one-to-one access to a Quit Specialist

  • Smokers Helpline Online

    Web-based, 24/7 service to help smokers quit

q 8:

I quit smoking a few months ago and am now smoke-free. Can I still enter the contest in the Quit For Good category?

Congratulations on your success! However, to be eligible for Quit For Good, you must be a regular smoker.

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