Smoke & Multi-Unit Dwellings

Secondhand Smoke and Your Student HomeSmoke travels through your house

Even if YOU don’t smoke

… your friends & roommates might

…nobody should be exposed to second hand smoke (SHS)

The chemicals in SHS are proven to cause cancer! Cancer-causing chemicals are in:

  1. Mainstream smoke (exhaled by a smoker) AND

    Sidestream smoke (floating from a burning cigarette)

Live off-campus?

Unless your home is 100% Smoke Free, you will be exposed to SHS

Smoking in 1 room, smoking by a window or smoking beside an open door won’t stop the spread of smoke

Smoke travels through doors, windows, plumbing, heating systems & even electrical outlets!

Talk to your landlord about making a 100% Smoke Free policy for the whole building

How does SHS affect me?

SHS hurts everyone who breathes (even pets!)

Short term: can make you dizzy, nauseous AND give you headaches & more frequent colds (slowing both academic & fitness activities!)

Long term: increases risk of heart & respiratory diseases AND lung & breast cancer

How to talk with roommates about smoking

Negotiate house rules before you move in with your roommates

Sit down together & make a list of house rules about cleaning, guests, quiet times, drugs, etc.

Be sure to include a 100% Smoke Free rule

Your 100% Smoke Free Home Agreement

No indoor smoking is ever allowed

Outdoor smoking is 10m from doorways

All guests must follow the rules

A No Smoking sign is on your door

Download a .pdf of our new Secondhand Smoke and Your Student Home resource

Smoke Free Housing Link

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