What We Do…

Leave the Pack Behind (LTPB) is an initiative started at Brock University in March 2000. It’s funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and has expanded to 42 other campuses including all Ontario universities.

We are not anti-smoker.

Our goals are to:

Promote smoking cessation among occasional and regular smokers;

Protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke;

Provide support and resources to students to prevent students from starting to smoke; and

Expose the tobacco industry tactics that are used to market tobacco to students.

We can help you:

Make personalized quit plans;

Cope with cravings and withdrawal symptoms;

Manage stress;

Get information on cessation methods, programs and resources; and

Support a friend in reducing or quitting smoking.

How we do this:

carbon monoxide testing;

one-on-one sessions in weekly office hours;

referrals to Health Professionals;

self-help pamphlets and booklets;

de-stressor events; and

interactive workshops.