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News Flash

Integrating Smoking Cessation Into
Daily Nursing Practice:
Practice Guideline for nurses

The Registered Nurses Association
of Ontario
has released a
new Nursing Best Practice Guideline called “Integrating
Smoking Cessation into Daily Nursing Practice.”

the pdf file
(83 pages) or contact RNAO for a hard
copy at this
web address

E-learning Smoking Cessation Program

This is
a program for all nurses to learn how to help their patients
who smoke. It could be a very helpful program
for campus-based nurses working with young adults who come
to campus clinics.
Accompanying the Guideline is an e-learning module you can
work through to learn how to apply a protocol consistent
with the Guideline.
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What is Leave The Pack Behind?

  • Overview
  • Communication Campaign
  • Programs and Services
  • Advocacy

Why is LTPB Needed on Campus?

Who is LTPB for?

  • Students
  • Campus Health Professionals
  • University/College Administrators
  • LTPB Student-Staff

Is LTPB Effective?

  • Outcome Evaluation
  • Program Reach
  • Policies and Organizational Change

Can LTPB be Replicated on Other Campuses?

  • Current LTPB sites
  • Implementing Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programming


Health Professionals
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