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Use these key words in any combination. This is by no means an exhaustive
list. If you think up some more key words, post them in our guestbook.


Tobacco- cigarettes- cigars-
chewing tobacco- political- history- historical-current- recent- global-
world- international- Canada- USA- Native Indian-First Nations- import-
export- tobacco lobby- lobbyists- policy- policies-reform- tax- taxes-
tax revenue- government control- public interest groups-watch dog groups-
tobacco- anti smoking- pro smoking- smoker support-law- Hollywood-
target audience- cultural norms- World War One-World War Two-moderates-
care- freedom- political support- political lobbying- company- industry-
companies- manifestos- aims- goals-profits- public interest- private
interest- share holders- due diligence-marketing- public relations-
PR-spin doctors-
subliminal advertising-charities- charitable contributions- social
impact- historical impact- children-teenagers- young adults


lawyers- precedence- decisions- court decisions- rulings-
federal laws-provincial laws- municipal laws- judgment- award- fines-
class action- law suit- smoke free campus- workplace- hospitality-
restaurants- bars- cigarette girl- advertising- posters- magazines-
movies- television-
bill boards-promotion- involved- history- secret documents- private
communications-watch dog- public interest- safety- workplace safety-
damages- proceedings-jail-
investigation- black market- copyright- trademark- ownership- holdings-
affiliates- affiliated- environment- impact- children- restrictions-subliminal-
advertising- political lobbying- company- industry- companies-manifestos-
aims- goals- profits- public interest- private interest- share holders-
due diligence- marketing- public relations- PR- spin doctors- lies-lying-
exposed- documents- memos- ethics- ethical- issues


Smoking- cigars- chewing tobacco- cigarettes- cancer-
cancers- lung- lungs- tar- coughing- emphysema- cervical- blood-leukemia-
lip- tongue- lymph- larynx- metastases- tumor- coronary heart disease-
CHD- heart attack- heart disease- myocardial infarction- heart-
heart rate- arteries- arterial sclerosis- hardening arteries- immediate
effects- constriction- high blood pressure- abnormal- normal- hypertension-brain-
chemical- stress- toxicity- carcinogen- tetrogen- poison- mutagen-
pregnancy-baby- man- males- woman- women- boys- girls- males- females-
children- child-
elderly- aged- quality of life- animals- animal models- asthma-
bronchitis- bronchial constriction- oxygen- VO MAX – lung capacity- cardio
performance- red blood cells- white blood cells- immune function-
birth weight- SIDS- sudden infant death syndrome- low birth weight-
IQ-intelligence- breast feeding- nicotine-heavy metals- immunity-
cilia- colds- teeth-
gums- gingivitis- tooth decay- bad breath- infections- bacteria-
hair- eyes- skin-wrinkles- taste- taste buds- stains- smoke- fire-
risk –
second hand smoke- filters-causes- CO- sperm- fertility- birth
control pill-
synergistic effects- combined effects- interaction- increased risk-
cost- incidence- health care- short term- long term- impact- rates-
history- psychology- neurochemistry- LD50-leathal dose- addiction-
craving- associated addictions- moods- depression- treatment-medications-
nicotine patch- nicotine gum-stepwise reduction- cold turkey-side
effects- dosage- alternative treatment- natural- regression- relapse-
self medication-
schizophrenia- mental illness- weight loss- weight gain- exercise-
nutrition- diet- life span- life expectancy- mortality- statistics

Key Word Lists
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