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As a university or college student, you are use to asking questions,
collecting information examining data, and doing research. This is the job
that a university student has, regardless of whether you are in one of the
pure sciences, humanities, engineering, languages, or any of the possible
fields university and college has to offer.

What are the sources of your information? Well, the source of information
you seek out would probably depend on the nature of the topic you are interested
in. With all of the issues surrounding tobacco and its use, there are plenty
of places you could go. Family, friends, the media, your professors, your
doctor or dentist, your campus libraries, the government, public interest
groups, the World Wide Web, and tobacco companies themselves. The amount
of information available is staggering! So, where is the best place to start?
Here, of course!

There are facts, figures, statistics, studies, legal documents, opinion
pieces, and articles galore. Luckily, much of this is available through
the Internet. We couldn’t possibly list or describe every source of information
available to you. This part of the LEAVE THE PACK
website is intended to be a jumping off point into this
wealth of information.

LEAVE THE PACK BEHIND cannot support
the claims made by any other website or information source you find. Please
visit our legal disclaimer It is up to you to weigh the merits and quality
of the sources you find. Some sources will be more trustworthy than others.
Use common sense, engage your detection skills and when in doubt compare the
information with other sources. The companies that
sell the products, the governments that regulate tobacco use and collect
taxes from its sale, health care professionals, and people like you all
have a vested interest in the issues surrounding tobacco and its use.
Remember, good research satisfies the following rules (“FiLCHeRS“):
Falsifiability, Logic, Comprehensiveness, Honesty, Replicability, and Sufficiency.

Ask questions, and seek out the answers. Keep the “FiLCHeRS” rules
in mind and above all, enjoy yourself.

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