Smokers and Friends

Smoke | Quit

Smoke Book

This booklet is for smokers who do not want to quit

Topics in this book

  • The pleasures of smoking
  • How to deal with people who bug you to quit
  • How to tell if you are addicted to nicotine
  • Common places people smoke
  • Info you may not know
  • Knowing the personal risks
  • Knowing the implications

Light This

Have you ever changed to a lower/lighter brand of cigarettes, thinking that they were BETTER for your health? Guess what? Light cigarettes are as bad as regular cigarettes. This labelling strategy is used by a multi-billion dollar industry to keep smokers hooked. Light smokers are actually more dependent on nicotine.

Check out the e-version of the Smoke Book.

Quit Book

Tips to help you butt out!

Topics in this book

  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of smoking
  • Concerns about quitting smoking
  • What to expect from quitting
  • Know your options
  • Get your friends on board
  • Pick your quit date
  • Tips to help you quit, day by day
  • Staying smoke free
  • Dealing with SLIPS

One cigarette did not make you a smoker, and if you have a setback, it will not make you a smoker again! Stick with it and take it one day at a time.

Check out the e-version of the Quit Book.

Smokers and Friends
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