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Smoke | Quit

Smoke | Quit

This set of 2 mini-booklets is written for college and university students – not their parents!

Smoke is for smokers who don’t want to quit right now. It has tips for dealing with people who nag you to quit, quizzes about smoking, & info about issues that really matter to students!

Quit is for smokers who are thinking of or trying to quit. It presents current information about quitting, and offers quitting strategies that truly help you deal with nicotine withdrawal, cravings, and everyday temptations that can make you start smoking again!

These mini-booklets have been scientifically tested. They work!




Want to feel healthier?

Stress can be damaging to a person’s health. Being stressed and smoking is a double hit to health. (Stress is also the #1 reason why smokers go back to smoking after trying to quit).

QUITRUNCHILL is a FREE! online program designed by young adults for young adults – especially young adults who smoke. QUITRUNCHILL offers accurate info about quitting, running, & managing stress. It gives down-to-earth ideas for being healthier. It doesn’t preach, sell anything, or clog up your inbox with junk email.

Check out If you like what you see, sign up to get 8 weekly updates on the website and 9 motivational emails… completely hassle-free!


Quit Your Way...

Quit Your Way…

Thinking about quitting?

Trying to quit?

Most smokers want to quit on their own. If you want to quit on your own, here are some ways to do just that. You can use just one way, or you can combine any number of them. Choose your way!






Crush the Crave

Crush the Crave

The Propel Centre for Population Health Impact at the University of Waterloo, with funding from Health Canada and promotional support provided by the Canadian Cancer Society, partnered with Leave The Pack Behind to develop a mobile app for young adult smokers.

Crush The Crave allows smokers to track when and why they smoke, make a quit plan, help with cravings and slips, track and reward quitting success and get support from a quit specialist.






Smokers' Helpline

Smokers’ Helpline

Smokers’ Helpline has proven tips and tools to help you quit successfully. For free, personalized and non-judgmental support, advice and information, connect to quit today at 1 877 513-5333 or online at








Smokers' Panel

Smokers’ Panel

LTPB and OTRU (Ontario Tobacco Research Unit) need your help in understanding smoking and quitting. You can win an iPad if you join the Smokers’ Panel, check out details and sign up at






Smokers and Friends
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