Let’s Make a Deal

The Let’s Make A Deal! contest runs annually across Ontario university campuses in January.
The contest is designed to:

  1. Accelerate the process of reducing smoking prevalence and tobacco consumption on post-secondary campuses
  2. Creating a supportive environment for anyone who wants to quit or cut back on smoking
  3. Involving the greatest number of students possible in the contest – as contestants or buddies
  4. Raising awareness of all of LTPB’s great programs and services across the whole student population

The contest is broken down into 4 deals:

  1. Quit For Good!

    • Designed to enhance motivation of smokers who are prepared to quit
    • Entering this deal means that the contestant will completely abstain from smoking
    • Deal runs eight weeks
  2. Keep The Count!

    • Intended to focus smokers’ attention on their own smoking patterns
    • Engage them in a harm reduction behaviour
    • Agreeing to reduce their tobacco consumption by 50% over the course of the contest
    • Deal runs six weeks
  3. NOTE: There are no safe levels of tobacco consumption. However, encouraging cutting back might set them on the path to quitting and does reduce their exposure and that of others to second-hand smoke

  4. Party Without The Pack!

    • Aimed at breaking the behavioural pairing of smoking and drinking
    • Raise smokers awareness of how much they smoke when they consume alcohol
    • Those who smoke occasionally are prime candidates for this category
    • Abstain from smoking when drinking alcohol
    • Deal runs six weeks
  5. NOTE: Overwhelming evidence that smoking & drinking are linked. Deal is designated to counteract the tobacco industry’s pervasive manipulative marketing practices which exploit this association

  6. Don’t Start & Win!

    • It is important to include all students including non-smokers and ex-smokers in the contest
    • Encourage to continue a smoke-free lifestyle
    • Agree to remain smoke-free
    • Deal runs six weeksM

If you are interested in donating prizes to our contest please contact:

James Macintosh, Research Coordinator
Leave The Pack Behind
Brock University-Plaza 514 A
St.Catharines, ON
L2S 3A1
905-688-5550 ext 5008
[email protected]

Let’s Make a Deal
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