Leave The Pack Behind at the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus

Leave The Pack Behind is a peer driven programme that provides information to students on tobacco use and its effects and helps support those who are interested in quitting or cutting back. Our open minded, causal approach provides an opportunity for discussing tobacco related issues in a non judgmental environment. Come to talk to us about the relationship between tobacco and physical activity, healthy eating, stress, sexuality, the environment, marijuana, shisha, and so much more! Don’t forget our display tables and walkabouts on campus where we distribute info resources and cool freebies.

Check out our informative monthly themes, get involved in our special events or line up for a free Carbon Monoxide test! We welcome all smokers, ex-smokers, non-smokers, and friends of smokers!

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    Better than cigarettes? Comparing Tobacco, Marijuana, and Shisha.
    Quick Fact: Hookahs are used to smoke shisha and shisha = tobacco. Using a hookah to smoke shisha can be addictive!

    Truth: Just like regular tobacco, shisha contains nicotine, making it addictive. In fact, in a 60 minute session, shisha-smokers are exposed to 100-200x the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette and 3x the amount of nicotine!
    Quick Fact: College students who use marijuana regularly often have impaired skills related to attention, memory and learning.

    Truth: People can become dependent on marijuana. Becoming dependent on marijuana is more likely to occur for people who used marijuana weekly as teens, men (vs. women), and smokers (vs. non-smokers).

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    The 2010 WouldUrather… Contest Wraps Up!

    Our biggest event of the year! Our annual contest was for ALL students and numerous prizes were included for give-aways, both from on-campus and off-campus institutions. Our 2010 WouldUrather� Contest ran from January until March and has ended for this year.

    If you missed out on the contest and are interested in quitting or reducing your smoking, don�t worry! Leave The Pack Behind is available throughout the school year to provide resources and peer support for your smoking cessation efforts.

    Check out the Contests & Events page for more details!

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    We�ve got a brand new site!

    Welcome to the new Leave The Pack Behind – University of Toronto: St. George Campus website! We’ve been working hard over the holidays to improve your online user experience and update all our information, so we hope you like it and find it a useful resource.

    You may remember us from a magnet or a ruler with a LTPB logo on it that we may have given you, or from a Carbon Monoxide (CO) test you may have taken, or from the free pizza given out during our �Pick Up Your Butts� event (you�re welcome)�or just the friendly (amazingly good looking) students in green shirts talking to students about smoking. Yes, that�s us. We�re the Leave the Pack Behind team at your campus and we�re here for you.

Leave The Pack Behind at the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus
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