About LTPB

What is Leave The Pack Behind?

Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) is an innovative, multi-campus tobacco
control initiative serving post-secondary students. To keep you informed
of key tobacco-related issues on campus, LTPB runs a continuous communication
campaign using mass media & interpersonal channels. LTPB also offers
uninterrupted access to programs and services through student-staffed
displays. Whether or not you smoke, LTPB has something for you. Visit
a display for carbon monoxide testing, self-directed programs, peer-led
services, and info about quit aides and clinical interventions available
at student health clinics. And if you do smoke, please keep in mind that
no one at LTPB will EVER pressure you to quit.

Who is LTPB for?

LTPB is for

  • non-smokers who never smoke
  • non-smokers who smoke sometimes
  • light smokers
  • regular smokers
  • ex-smokers

What does LTPB offer students?

LTPB offers a wide range of programs and services.

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Information about the tobacco industry
  • Survivor kits for people quitting
  • ‘How to help someone quit’ pamphlets
  • Access to the Smoker’s
  • Stress management tips
  • Peer support
  • Referrals to health professionals
  • Facts about ‘Light’ & ‘Mild’ cigarettes
  • Weekly draws and prizes
  • Annual “Let’s Make A Deal” contest
    to help with motivation
    Contest begins during National Non-Smoking
    Week in January and allows ALL students to enter one of several deals:

    • Quit for Good! (for regular smokers)
    • Keep the Count! (for regular smokers)
    • Party Without the Pack! (for occasional/regular smokers)
    • Don’t Start and Win! (for non-smokers/ex-smokers)

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About LTPB
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