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On December 6, 2001, Leave The Pack Behind
graciously accepted the Healthy University of Toronto Award,
presented by the Centre for Health Promotion, UofT.

History and Purpose:

At the opening ceremonies for the Centre for Health Promotion
in 1990, University of Toronto past President Rob Pritchard remarked
that the University, under the leadership of the Centre, was committed
to creating a healthier environment. Since then, a Healthy UofT
Interest Group was formed and a number of different projects were
undertaken to fulfill this mandate.

The Healthy UofT Award has been established to recognize organizations
affiliated with the University that make an outstanding ‘healthy
university’ contribution to the campus community.

Candidate Selection Criteria:

  • Empowers campus community to achieve optimal levels of physical,
    mental and spiritual well-being;
  • Creates a supportive and welcoming environment for scholars,
    learners and employees;
  • Makes significant contributions to the community, in spite
    of difficult circumstances or lack of funds and resources’ has
    a long-term impact;
  • Stops or reduces harmful activities;
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle and environment
  • Allows for individual development in a holistic and participatory
    dynamic within monitored standards for mental, physical, social
    and economic health;
  • Improves the University’s physical environment.
Healthy University of Toronto Award
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