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December 2001


Smoking Sexy? McMaster


The Pack Behind asked you this very

question during the month of October and

here’s what you had to say:

  • 34.8% of smokers and 17.6%

    of non-smokers said yes or maybe.

  • 47.3% of non-smokers said

    they would or do date someone who smokes.

  • 33.3% of males and 36.8% of

    females felt that smoking did not at all affect

    their sexual performance.

  • 69.3% of males and 79.0% of

    females worry or sometimes worry about second hand

    smoke affecting their looks.



The ‘Leave The Pack Behind’ name for this program has been adopted, with

permission, from the World Health Organization’s 1999 World No Tobacco Day


Funding for this program has been provided in part by the

Ontario Tobacco Strategy, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

La Strategie

antitabac de l’Ontario, Direction de la santé communautaire et

de la promotion de la santé, ministère de la Santé et des

Soins de longue durée finance ce programme en partie. 


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Leave The Pack Behind!!
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