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Di-Gi Jun. 13/04, 7:44 am Student : I just found it!!
Di-Gi Domina.
Marco Masini Regna.
Best mIRC SCRIPT: PuAzZo ScRipT –> www.di-gi.cjb.net
Urbani MUORE.

Suelyn Jackman May. 10/04, 3:03 pm Other : Other
Hey! Great to see that LTPB is still alive and well at Queen’s!! I miss my days as campus program coordinator!!! Keep up the great work, guys!! :D

Cassandra May. 04/04, 8:56 pm Other : Other
Great site!

Lipstick Mar. 08/04, 7:21 pm Student : Display Table
All my friends have a magnet on their fridge.:)

Jimmy Feb. 27/04, 3:00 pm Student : Display Table
The contest was fun…I hope I win.

Blue Feb. 10/04, 12:44 am Student : Word of Mouth
LTPB rules! I love doing the CO tests….I’ve done 3 this year

UnderTableMan Oct. 29/03, 2:55 pm Student : Display Table
Hey saw your display. You need to get more info on your site Queen’s people!

Princess Jul. 08/03, 1:23 pm Professor : Friends
Love the site… !!!!!

LTPB Web Master Mar. 09/03, 10:36 am Other : Friends
Good idea Dan! Pssst… I fixed the apostrophe issue.

LTPB Web Guy

Dan Johnson Mar. 05/03, 9:49 pm Student : Friends
Hello Queen’s Students! I hope you like our new guestbook. (It was my idea!) Feel free to leave a message, tell us how LTPB has worked for you and your friends, or give us suggestions or comments.
Dan – Campus Project Co-coordinator
P.S. Yes, there should be an apostrophe for Queen’s – I’ll get that fixed!

LTPB Team! Oct. 08/03, 2:39 pm Health Professional : Word of Mouth
Welcome to your campus guestbook! All of the campuses have their own guestbook :). Tell us what you think!!

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