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Pixie Mar. 15/04, 1:53 pm Student : Posters
Hey there, love the smoke poster, it’s in my room in res-

John Feb. 15/04, 7:07 pm Student : Other
Great site! Really love the setup! My family runs a website as well: Toronto Garage Door Repairs and my girlfriend runs a babysitting site I gave a very painful stab at putting together LOL: Toronto Babysitter

As you can see, I’m not great with HTML…but I try my best. Keep up the good work guys! Best of luck in the future to ya!

sooper dooper Nov. 03/03, 9:21 pm Student : I just found it!!
Love your Zoom ads. very cool.
and the light mild stuff- i had no idea!!!
thanks for what you are doing@ Toronto.

Sharisa Sep. 06/03, 11:29 am Student : Display Tables
Really Excellent photos, I haven’t seen such in a long time,

Sharon Mar. 11/03, 2:59 pm Health Professional : Word of Mouth
Your photos look great! Are you doing any cigarette runs this spring? SAL

LTPB Team! Oct. 08/03, 2:39 pm Health Professional : Word of Mouth
Welcome to your campus guestbook! All of the campuses have their own guestbook :). Tell us what you think!!

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