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Campus Smoking Policies

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Help for smokers: Leave

The Pack Behind

253-3000 ext. 3261

Medical & Health Services

University of Windsor

CAW Student Centre, 2nd floor

A project implemented by

students to provide information about smoking to post-secondary

students attending Ontario’s universities and colleges.

Free Services include:

  • One Step @ a Time booklets for smokers appropriate

    to their stage of change

  • computer assessment of your smoking


  • one-on-one support
  • education on addictive properties of nicotine

    and health risks of

  • smoking and ETS (environmental tobacco


  • assistance to get naggers off your back

For a doctor’s appointment

call 973-7002. The physicians offer stop smoking counselling,

follow-up, and smoking cessation medication assessment.

Canadian Cancer Society


Self help booklets/videos

are available for those trying to quit. Booklets include If You’re

a Man/Woman Who Wants To Quit…. Cost: free.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


Fact sheets and pamphlets

are available by fax or mail.

Lung Association, Essex County Region

256-3433 or 1-800-972-2636

The self-help booklet Get

On Track is available to those who are actively making changes

to quit smoking and remain smoke free. Cost: free.

Sandwich Community Health Centre


Free services include one-to-one

counselling and monthly workshops to support people who want to

quit or have already quit smoking. Individuals must reside in

Sandwich Community to be eligible.

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

258-2146 ext. 275 or 276

One Step At A Time is a

self-help program which is available free of charge, by mail.

There is a different five-step program for adults and for teens.

Additional fact sheets and pamphlets are also available.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

254-4345 or 1-800-HSF-INFO

Information and resources

on smoking are available free of charge.

Other Resources

Discuss medication options with your doctor

or pharmacist. Self-help books, audio cassettes and video-tapes

are available at bookstores and public libraries.

Note: This listing may

not be complete. Please check other community listings or contacts

directly for more details.

Community Resources
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