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Campus Smoking Policies

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For official smoking

policies at the University of Windsor, please visit their web


Policy on smoking in buildings on campus

In light of the fact that there is experimental

and epidemiological evidence that involuntary smoking is a cause

of disease in non-smokers, and in response to the current legislation,

smoking of tobacco products or holding lit tobacco is prohibited

in buildings on the campus or in any University of Windsor vehicles.

The only exception to this are the residences and the pub.

Responsibility of enforcement:

The Deans, Directors, Managers, Department heads

and Supervisors are responsible for enforcing this policy. They

shall do so by implementing normal progressive disciplinary action

against students or employees who do not comply with the policy.

Visitors who fail to comply with the policy

will be asked to leave the premises by Campus Police.


Smoking is permitted in individual residence

rooms and apartments only with the mutual consent of all roommates,

with the exception of Laurier Hall and Cody Hall, which are non-smoking

residences. Smoking is not permitted in elevators, hallways, weight

rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, lounges, or lobbies.

Pub Policies

  • Smoking is permitted in the Grad House.
  • Smoking is permitted

    in the Thirsty Scholar only after 8:00 PM

Campus Smoking Policies
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