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Welcome to

Leave The Pack Behind

Thank You and Congratulations

to all of our Let’s Make A Deal! Contest participants!

Quit for Good

Farzana Kabir – $500 tuition, certificate

Anum Najeer (witness) – $25, Crest prize package

Tharmika Thurairajah (buddy)- $25, Crest prize package

Keep The Count

Asim Sayed – $200 tuition, certificate

Navneet Chhajer (witness)- $25, Crest whitestrips

Eric Lim (witness)- $25, Crest prize package

Party Without The Pack

Mohammad L. Habib – $200 tuition certificate

Asim Sayed (witness)- $25, Crest prize package

Eric Lim (witness)- $25

Don’t Start & Win

Megan Johnstone – $100 tuition certificate

Deanne Reaume (witness)- $25, Crest whitestrips

In case you haven’t heard of us, we’re a smoking

awareness group whose main goal is to inform smokers and non-smokers

about tobacco, its use, and its effects. So if you want information,

you’ve come to the right place!

The Windsor LTPB team gratefully acknowledges

the president of the

University of Windsor, Dr. Ross Paul, for his support of this


We hold regular displays at various locations around our campus where students can come by and see what we have to offer. Through surveys at these displays we collect information from volunteers about smoking in today’s youth. At the same time we provide students with up-to-date information about smoking and its effects.

Step-by-step guide booklets are available at these display tables for smokers at different stages:

  • For Smokers who want to quit

  • For Smokers who do not want to quit

  • For friends who want to help a smoker quit

We also offer free Carbon Monoxide testing to students to make them aware of the CO levels from smoking or secondhand smoke.


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