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Setting Up Your Campus Clinic Environment to Support Smoking Cessation Services

The Health Services Clinic provides assistance to students with many health concerns including smoking cessation services for students. Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) can provide resources to help create a supportive environment for students to learn more about tobacco, and to get assistance to quit smoking.

Smoking Cessation Information, Presentations & Assistance:

There are three main components to consider. First ensure the information is available to all who work in the clinic. Secondly, consider an environment that encourages students to request help with tobacco use and staff to be able to easily respond. Finally provide the appropriate smoking cessation resources for students who smoke.

BTI on-site presentations for physicians, nurses or counsellors can be arranged by contacting Leave The Pack Behind Central Office. Continuing Medical Educations (CME) credits have been approved by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for this educational training session. These sessions are informative and assist you with talking to smokers, treating nicotine dependence and developing a system in your clinic to support your smoking cessation services. Presentations can be done as a lunch-n-learn, a dinner meeting or even over breakfast before the work day begins!

The Clinic Environment

A) The Waiting Room:

Let your students know that you can help them with their tobacco use by using the LTPB clinic posters to convey this message in the waiting room.

While students wait they can read:

  • Messages that tell them it is ok to talk to a health professional about their tobacco use
  • Information about smoking and their health
  • A resource that tells them how to help a friend quit smoking

B) Examining Rooms

Whether your campus has a small or large clinic, you can set up your examining room with the smoking cessation resources you need. Easy access to resources increases the likelihood you will give out materials. These should include the LTPB Clinic Packages where available and samples of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products. This allows physicians nurses or counsellors to provide Brief Tobacco Intervention strategies that are quick and spontaneous without interrupting busy schedules.


Supporting Resources

LTPB supplies specific resources for the clinic to heighten smokers’ awareness of cessation services offered.

Learn more about these additional supporting resources…


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