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Effectiveness of LTPB

LTPB has been remarkably successful in promoting smoke-free campuses. Evaluation conducted over the past few years at participating campuses has yielded the following results.

Smoke | Quit is effective

  • 12%-15% of smokers using Smoke | Quit quit smoking*
  • significant reductions in smoking occur among continuing smokers
  • Smoke|Quit quit rates (14%) exceed One Step At A Time quit rates (6%)
  • approximately 4% of all smokers** on a campus access Smoke|Quit booklets
  • 5%-7% of all smokers interact one-on-one with LTPB peer-teams
  • 17%-23% of all students are reached face-to-face by LTPB peer-teams
  • 54%-63% of students identify LTPB as a source of information and/or support
  • hundreds of students per campus access CO monitoring

*The results are from 2 randomized controlled trials comparing Smoke|Quit to other self-help interventions; quit rates are based on 7-day point prevalence measures, 3 months after baseline.

**To determine the total number of smokers, the denominator is calculated as product of the total number of full-time students enrolled at the institutions and a 28% (2004/05) to 30% (2002/03) smoking prevalence.

Leave The Pack Behind started in 2000 with 2 colleges and 5 universities. More than 10 years later LTPB is provided on 20 universities and 24 colleges in Ontario. Peer-to-peer programming is guided by university health professionals, and involves faculty members and administrators. LTPB has acquired official standing as a provincial ‘best practice’ for tobacco control in the young adult population.

All social marketing, contests and resources are evaluated to ensure effectiveness and appeal for post secondary students. LTPB advocates and promotes smoke free policy development on campuses across the province.

Student Success on Campus with LTPB

LTPB student teams at Ottawa U and Western have participated in campus wide campaigns to advocate and change school policy to encourage a smoke free environment on campus.
In 2008/09 school year Ottawa U was successful in banning the sale of tobacco products and promoting designated smoking areas on campus.

A referendum was won at Western to ban the sales of tobacco products in the campus store and move receptacles beyond the minimum 9 meters from an entrance.

LTPB student teams have participated in eliminating campus tobacco sales at Brock University, Lakehead, McMaster, University of Toronto, Trent, Laurier and Windsor.

If your LTPB student team or clinic staff is involved in advocacy or policy work let us know so we can add your campus success

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