Health Professionals

Goals of Leave The Pack Behind

Leave The Pack Behind promotes smoke-free post-secondary campuses.

LTPB’s goal is to reduce smoking tobacco use among young adults. To achieve this LTPB delivers appealing, effective smoking cessation and prevention support to post-secondary students who smoke or are at risk of starting to smoke. Secondary goals include denormalizing the tobacco industry and facilitating smoke-free spaces on participating campuses..

Specific objectives to meet these goals of Leave The Pack Behind are:

  • to reach as many post-secondary students as possible with a communication campaign of education, industry denormalization, and smoking prevention and cessation messages;
  • to ensure uninterrupted access to smoking cessation interventions that are appealing and effective;
  • to involve student-peers in a meaningful way to contributes to knowledge and skill development;
  • to generate a tobacco control initiative with self-sustaining components to ensure ongoing attention to the issue of smoking on campus; and
  • to disseminate program evaluation results to health professionals, researchers, lay people, government officials, etc.

Health Professionals
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