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Local Smoking Policy

The Smoking Policy at McMaster University

McMaster University actively discourages the use of tobacco products and is “committed to providing a smoke free and healthy environment for students, employees, and visitors.”

– Smoking is banned from all campus buildings including the Phoenix, QUARTERS and all residences

– McMaster’s Smoking Policy encourages the imposition of more restrictive policies

– The selling of cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products is banned from the McMaster campus

– McMaster will support organizations such as Leave the Pack Behind to help people that wish to quit smoking and to educate people on the issue of smoking

– Smoking outside on campus is allowed BUT smoking is prohibited within 9 meters of any main level building entrance or air intake duct

– Violators, those who condone a violation and/or the employer of the facility in which the violation occurred may all be fined

– Fines are up to $5, 000.

– Violations or complaints can be reported to:

o Risk Management Services – 905-525-9140 ext 24352

Quarters, Wentworth House, The Phoenix, The Faculty Club

As of May 31st, 2004, all campus buildings are completely smoke free, with the exception of the patios provided by those establishments. NO TOBACCO PRODUCTS are to be sold at MAC. Anyone leasing space must abide by this rule.

Signs prohibiting smoking are, according to the policy, posted where required by law. (e.g. the hospital entrances).

The university also states in their policy that it shall publicize smoking cessation programs for the benefit of those who wish to stop smoking.

Residence Smoking Policy

Starting SEPTEMBER 2001, all residences are SMOKE-FREE environments. Students may, of course, also smoke outside as long as they are nine metres from the building. There are smoking shelters outside most of the residence buildings.

Click here to view McMaster’s Smoking Policy.

Click here to view the Residence Code of Conduct

City of Hamilton Smoking Policy

– Smoking is only allowed in the workplace if the fully enclosed and independently ventilated designated smoking room (DSR) does not hinder the accessibility of others to required areas

– Smoking in bowling alleys, workplaces, and restaurants is restricted to designated smoking rooms (DSRs).

– Smoking in bars, pool halls, bingo halls and night clubs is currently not allowed since May 31st, 2004

– By May 31st, 2008 all DSRs will be banned and Hamilton will be 100% smoke-free

Click here for a guide to Hamilton’s smoking by-law




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