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Hi everyone! Welcome to Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) at Queen’s University! We are back with a new team to provide help and support for all your smoking concerns. Please look for us on campus and check this site for updates on campaigns and events we will be running at Queen’s. Thank you for your support, we hope to have a great year!

Who We Are

Despite recent advances and success, tobacco use continues to be the number one preventable public health problem we face today.

LTPB is a provincially funded program that seeks to promote smoking cessation, protect non-smokers, expose industry tactics, and lobby for policy changes. We are NOT ANTI-SMOKING and we WELCOME SMOKERS to share their experiences and their unique point of view.


What We Do

Through effective peer-to-peer programming, the organization has acquired official standing as the best practice for tobacco control in the young adult population.

  • We educate students not only on tobacco, but also marijuana, hookah, etc., and we provide help to those who seek it.
  • We run communication campaigns involving booths, residence presentations, in-class announcements, and creative impact events.
  • We offer several self-help programs and resources for smokers, social smokers, ex-smokers, and non-smokers alike.
  • We also provide CO testing and clinical tobacco intervention through medical professionals.
  • We also run an extensive contest where smokers and non-smokers can participate in and WIN AWESOME PRIZES. See the Contest section for more details!

Where We Are

On Queen’s Campus of course! See the Contact page for more details.

We also run on 41 campuses in Ontario and reach about 98% of the post-secondary population. We have even expanded overseas to Bosnia. LTPB is here as a resource for students.


Want to get involved?

Come out to one of our events! All of our upcoming events are marked our events calendar. We hope to see you there!

Queen’s Leave The Pack Behind
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