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and Thank
You to all who participated in the Let’s Make A Deal! Contest

are our 2004 Winners!

Don’t Start and Win

Jaana Kastikainen

Robin Roman-Crossland – Fam & Soc.
Relations, 22, “the contest
was very easy”

May Quach – Env. Biology, 22, “ltpb
is a good way to get voice across campus – students speaking
to students”

Adria Carillo

Keep The Count

Christine Ojimadu – Criminal
Justice & Public Policy, 22, “it
was an incentive to quit. It was cool to try because it could
be a group effort with friends”

Raymond Yeung

Andrea Dragosits

Party Without the Pack

Meghan Brighten

Josh Maitland – Biol.
Eng., 19, “good b/c there were lots of other
people doing it at the same time – motivation
from friends was good too”

Jon Killam

Quit for Good

Tanya Hill ($500) – Fam.
Relations, 23, “incentive to quit – already
wanted to, but contest gave me a date – not
arbitrary – it was helpful”

– “the contest gave me
something to look forward to”

Laura Newell

Rob Grunfeld

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Last updated: April 28, 2004

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