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Program Goal

Our goal is to implement an empathetic social network for both smokers and non-smokers, and to provide information and guidance for those smokers attempting the difficult task of quitting.

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Weekly Words

“Take the tools in hand and carve your own best life.” – Douglas Lurton.

News & Events

December Campaign:

“Leave The Stress Behind”

Check out our display outside Student Health Services to learn about effective ways of dealing with stress without resorting to smoking!

Exercise & Quitting Smoking:

A FREE exercise and nicotine replacement therapy program is available to help women quit smoking.

Contact Lyndsay: [email protected]

Funded by the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.

Around Student Health Services?

Have a look at out NEW display on how to “Leave The Stress Behind” outside Student Health Services. You’ll find fun and innovative ways to deal with stress without resorting to smoking!

Look for details on our booth hours in the New Year!

What your CO Test Means

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CO Test

COCarbon Monoxide (CO) is a by-product of burning. The reason it is so harmful is because the hemoglobin in our blood (a protein that is important for oxygen transport) will bind CO 210 times more readily than it will oxygen. Oxygen transport is essential to ensure our muscles (especially our heart and our brain) receive the nutrients they need to survive…and to function properly! The greater the amount of CO in our body as a result of car exhaust, bonfires, or smoking for example, the more difficult it is for these organs to get the proper amount of oxygen they need! Our bodies are very efficient, so when CO levels are very high, oxygenated blood is re-routed to the brain, heart, and other vital body organs since they are most vital to our survival. This results in muscle fatigue and an overall feeling of lethargy since this re-routed blood comes from our skeletal muscles (i.e. our leg and arm muscles).

Our scale ranges from 0 to 20. Each time you visit, your score will vary since you are exposed to different amounts of CO each day. If you are a regular smoker, your values will be much higher on average than your non-smoking counterpart as regular smoking causes CO levels to be consistently high.

CO stays in the body for about 8 hours before it completes its course throughout the entire body via the bloodstream. If you are beginning a quit, you can expect significantly lower CO levels within those 8 hours, and a lot more energy throughout your day.

Come by our booth and you can check your CO level with us!

CO Test Scale

Contact Information

Visit Student Health Services for pamphlets and information or to speak with a physician or nurse!

Located at the lower level of the UCC.

Medical Appointments (519) 661-3030

Counselling Appointments (519) 661-3771

Email: [email protected]

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