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Program Goal

Our goal is to implement an empathetic social network for both smokers and non-smokers, and to provide information and guidance for those smokers attempting the difficult task of quitting.

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Weekly Words

“Take the tools in hand and carve your own best life.” – Douglas Lurton.

News & Events

December Campaign:

“Leave The Stress Behind”

Check out our display outside Student Health Services to learn about effective ways of dealing with stress without resorting to smoking!

Exercise & Quitting Smoking:

A FREE exercise and nicotine replacement therapy program is available to help women quit smoking.

Contact Lyndsay: [email protected]

Funded by the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.

Around Student Health Services?

Have a look at out NEW display on how to “Leave The Stress Behind” outside Student Health Services. You’ll find fun and innovative ways to deal with stress without resorting to smoking!

Look for details on our booth hours in the New Year!

What your CO Test Means

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Smoking Policy


Classification: General       Effective Date: 24 JUN 03       Supersedes: 28 NOV 91


1.00 It is the policy of the University that smoking is not permitted in University buildings, or within 10 metres of building entrances, loading docks, and fresh air intakes, except where posted.

1.01 Smoking in the workplace, including private offices, laboratories, open work areas, classrooms, University vehicles, etc., is prohibited under the Smoking in the Workplace Act.

1.02 Smoking within 10 metres of building entrances, loading docks, and fresh air intakes is not specifically prohibited under the Smoking in the Workplace Act, but is included and enforced under this policy.

2.00 Violators of this policy are subject to being informed by the Dean, budget head, Manager and/or Supervisor that they are in violation, given a copy of this policy, and informed that such behaviour must cease.

3.00 Continued violation of this policy will lead to disciplinary action as outlined in the policies applicable to the various University groups or as provided for within the Smoking in the Workplace Act.

4.00 Deans and budget heads are encouraged to facilitate requests from individual faculty and staff members to participate in a stop-smoking program with Staff/Faculty Heath Services. Provided the individual completes the program, the University will pay all or a portion of the fee for any regular full-time faculty or staff member. Support will not exceed the cost of the Canadian Cancer Society program.

4.01 Interested individuals should contact the Staff/Faculty Health Services.

Contact Information

Visit Student Health Services for pamphlets and information or to speak with a physician or nurse!

Located at the lower level of the UCC.

Medical Appointments (519) 661-3030

Counselling Appointments (519) 661-3771

Email: [email protected]

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