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Program Goal

Our goal is to implement an empathetic social network for both smokers and non-smokers, and to provide information and guidance for those smokers attempting the difficult task of quitting.

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Weekly Words

“Take the tools in hand and carve your own best life.” – Douglas Lurton.

News & Events

December Campaign:

“Leave The Stress Behind”

Check out our display outside Student Health Services to learn about effective ways of dealing with stress without resorting to smoking!

Exercise & Quitting Smoking:

A FREE exercise and nicotine replacement therapy program is available to help women quit smoking.

Contact Lyndsay: [email protected]

Funded by the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.

Around Student Health Services?

Have a look at out NEW display on how to “Leave The Stress Behind” outside Student Health Services. You’ll find fun and innovative ways to deal with stress without resorting to smoking!

Look for details on our booth hours in the New Year!

What your CO Test Means

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Benefits of Quitting

2005, Health Canada – Healthy Living. The Benefits of Quitting

Almost everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, but do you know all the benefits of quitting? For the vast majority of smokers, quitting is the best single thing they can do to improve the length and quality of their lives. Persons who quit smoking immediately begin to reduce their chances of developing heart disease, cancer, breathing problems, or infections.

Former smokers also live longer than those who continue to smoke. For example, those who quit before the age of 50 have only half the chance of dying in the next 15 years compared with those who continue to smoke.

Women who stop smoking before pregnancy or early in their pregnancy reduce their chances of having a low birth weight baby. Quitting can also reduce the chances of stillbirth, early infant death, and improve the health of the woman.

Smoking Cessation Timeline

Within 8 hrs: Carbon monoxide level drops in your body. Oxygen levels in your blood increases to normal.

Within 48 hrs: Chances of having a heart attack start to go down. Senses of smell and taste begin to improve.

Within 72 hrs: Bronchial tubes relax making breathing easier. Lung capacity increases.

Within 2 wks to 3 mths: Circulation improves. Lung functioning increases up to 30%.

Within 6 mths: Coughing, sinus congestion, tiredness, and shortness of breath improve.

Within 1 yr: Risk of smoking-related heart attack is cut in half.

Within 10 yrs: Risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half.

Within 15 yrs: Risk of dying from a heart attack is equal to a person who never smoked.

Does Every Smoker Benefit by Quitting?

The health benefits of quitting occur for all types of smokers, men and women, young and old. Even those who have developed smoking-related problems like heart disease can benefit. For example, compared to continuing smokers, individual who quit smoking after having a heart attack reduce their chances of having another heart attack by 50%. They also reduce their risk of dying prematurely by 50%.

  • Your costs for cleaning clothes, carpets, and furniture may go down.
  • The re-sale value of your car and house may go up.
  • Your clothes may last longer.
  • Your life and house insurance may go down.
  • Your sense of taste and smell will be enhanced – you will enjoy your food more.
  • You will look and feel younger – smoking causes wrinkling and the appearance of premature aging… plus, no more yellow teeth or fingers.
  • You will have more energy to do the things you love.
  • You will feel proud of your ability to overcome something so challenging.
  • Cigarettes will no longer control your life.
  • You will be setting a great example for children and other smokers.
  • No need to worry about whether you can smoke in a particular place.
  • No more looks of disapproval or feelings of guilt – no more nagging from people asking when you are going to quit.

What are the other benefits of quitting?

Although reducing your chances of premature death and illness is important, they are not the only benefits of quitting smoking. Think of the money you will save by not having to buy tobacco, lighters, ashtrays, matches, and so on.

The message is clear! It is never too late to quit smoking!

Contact Information

Visit Student Health Services for pamphlets and information or to speak with a physician or nurse!

Located at the lower level of the UCC.

Medical Appointments (519) 661-3030

Counselling Appointments (519) 661-3771

Email: [email protected]

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