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The components of Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) are:

Social Marketing Campaigns

Student-team members implement three distinctive, evidence-informed social marketing campaigns to promote LTPB programs and services. The campaigns use mass-media and social media, as well as lots of interpersonal outreach through communication channels such as display tables, residence presentations, classroom announcements, and so on.


Programs and Services

LTPB offers several self-help programs including the SMOKE|QUIT and U KNOW U WANT TO… help a friend quit booklets. LTPB also has two highly interactive smoking cessation interventions call QUITRUNCHILL.org and an online version of SMOKE|QUIT. Annually, in conjunction with National Non-Smoking Week, LTPB runs a contest called wouldurather… involving contestants who are smokers, ex-smokers, non-smokers and social smokers alike. Other smoking prevention and cessation programs and services offered by LTPB are social support (via e-mail, phone or texting), CO-testing (to measure carbon monoxide in exhaled air) and tobacco interventions (including free nicotine replacement therapy) offered by medical professionals in campus health clinics. Having a wide range of programs and services allows LTPB to offer smokers highly personalized information and support.



Program evaluation is an integral component of LTPB, and everyone involved with LTPB helps evaluate the success of the initiative. Each year we conduct formative, process, and outcome evaluation as well as one empirical study. Proof of LTPB’s success on each campus has led to LTPB being recognized as a ‘best practice’ for tobacco control with young adults and has ensured continued financial support.

For more info about LTPB research, click here.

About Us
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