Leave The Pack Behind!!

Queens 2002 / 2003 Campus Events

Queen’s LTPB


Our LTPB Contest Winners



Quit For Good:

Leslie Kirk ($200) 


Aaron Wilson ($75)

Keep the Count:

Natalia Garcia ($100)

Don’t Start and Win:

Aisha (Gift Pk.)

Quit for Good winner Leslie Kirk cuts herself a

well deserved slice of Claire’s homemade cake!


Leslie, Aisha, and Aaron pose for a picture at

our end of contest celebration. 



LTPB staff members and contest winners pose for a

shot. From left Danielle, Ramsey, (did not want picture), Kate, Jen, Aisha,

Aaron, Leslie, Martin, Aaron’s friend, Sue, Dan, Claire, and Laura.

LTPB staff members enjoy a few pints of beer

after after the contest has finally ended…good times!




for this program has been provided in part by the Government
of Ontario and by Health Canada.
Ce program est financé par
le Gouvernement de l’Ontario et par Santé Canada.

The ‘Leave
The Pack Behind’ name
for this program has been adopted with permission from the
World Health Organization.
Le nom du programme en anglais ‘Leave The Pack Behind’ a été emprunté à la
Journée mondiale sans tabac de 1999 avec la permission
de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé. Copyright,
Design & Legal Disclaimer Information

Leave The Pack Behind!!
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